Relax Hoodie

Uncompromisingly comfortable sweatshirt for travel
Relax Hoodie is our answer to the inconvenience on the road. Built-in anatomical pillows for the lower back and neck will help you to have a good rest anywhere.
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Supporting pillows

The hoodie has built-in separate valves for inflating pillows for the back and neck. Two minutes — and you can relax or take a nap without a stiff neck and numbness.

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Perfect to wrap up
The hoodie is made in the oversize format and is obviously sewn a little larger.

The interior of the pocket is made of soft fleece — the hands will be warm and soft. And the insulated fleece waist will protect you from hypothermia.
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High level of comfort
Now you're everywhere in business class. Hoodie increases the level of comfort to the skies in any chair.

The words "long" and "tedious" can be safely crossed out of your dictionary.
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Functional material
For the manufacture of Relax hoodie, we use a three-thread footer material, the quality of the Turkish-made foam:

• hypoallergenic;
• allows air to pass through, keeping warm;
• without rolling;
• soft inside, smooth outside;
• durable - you can wear it without taking it off.
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Designed with understanding
Relax Hoodie is a functional designer sweatshirt created with the participation of the famous fashion designer Daniil Landar and enhanced by the ideas of Egor Fomin, creative director in the field of communication design bureau
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In the pocket of the hoodie you will find tips with 5 exercises on how to bring yourself into balance, replenish energy and recharge.

Stay in the resource.
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The words of those who literally felt our soft support
«A very comfortable hoodie, tested repeatedly on long-distance trips, unloads the back due to a comfortable pillow!!! The neck rests perfectly, and I use the hood instead of the headrest. This is effective, and it turns out 3 in 1! I recommend to everyone a warm, comfortable and effective hoodie from the TeamMerch Team.»
«Thank you very much
I've played two shows in this hoodie already! It looks very cool, and sleeps in it on the train perfectly!»
As a doctor of sports and rehabilitation medicine, I can say that such a hoodie is an indispensable companion in moments of rest, relaxation and recovery.

I especially want to mention the tips on breathing practice — they really enhance the effect of relaxation and allow you to reboot when traveling, at competitions and in everyday life!
Good health to all!
Andrey Zaporozhets
Leader of the SunSay group
Roman Leontiev
Co-founder of Kidsdev
Sergey Korablev
Sports Medicine Doctor

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