For us, it's more than words
In the heart of everything is idea! We are grateful to ideas. They are fine start of everything. They inspire us to create extraordinary and special images.
( 01 )
This is a special stitch in our work. We feel how to make things aesthetic, worthy of wardrobe and everyday life. We know how to make an unique thing for an unique person or brand.
( 02 )
The sense of beauty is either exist or not. We appreciate it very much, develop it and share it with the whole world. Let there be more beauty on our planet!
( 03 )
We value clothes and especially quality. The quality of textiles, the quality of patterns, the quality of threads, accessories, fabrics. But not less important things are our own personal qualities - we are very demanding on the process of production and this allows us to create reliable relationships and things for a long time.
( 04 )
We do not make projects for brands that harm humanity and this is our position. We try to be economical and use the full potential of materials as much as possible. We send part of the money from our projects to the “Art of living” foundation for the development of humanity and a stress-free society.
( 05 )
Each thing consists of 1000 little things - we try not to miss them. Details help us to achieve more expressive sound from a thing and we know for sure that you should pay attention to them :)
( 06 )
We believe that our ideas, sense of beauty, requirements to the quality and joy, with which we impregnate our projects, are able to bring new and fresh colors where they have not been for a long time or they have simply faded.
( 07 )